Volume 7 Chapter 15: The End of the Dark Division

Author: 夜州 (Yashu)

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“Let’s set off then.”

The carriage set off at the temple knight’s words. The temple knights had also been told that there might be an attack sometime that day.

The Cainless party slowly moved away from the campsite.

“I wonder if Cain’s okay…”

Milly whispered to herself, but Claude just smiled.

“Milly, don’t be so worried. Could you imagine Cain ever losing? Don’t you agree that fighting a Dragon would be better than fighting that guy?”

“That might be true… I’ve known him since he was little, but…”

She recalled when she had been his tutor when he had still been young.

Cain had been a child outside the bounds of common sense from the very beginning. Sometimes, he had seemed unchildlikely knowledgeable, but Milly felt that he had been a cute child, blushing when she and Nina had joked around.

And in less than ten years since then, he had not only become independent as the head of a noble family, but had also risen to the position of margrave. And the place he lived in was, in a sense, a more magnificent building than even the royal castle.

And that Cain was still only fourteen years old. And the exploits of this young boy who hadn’t even reached adulthood yet were not things anyone would be able to believe easily.

Having become the lord of a territory, Cain had embarked on reforms, making Drintor’s citizens’ lives richer, wiping out crime, all of which made him become somewhat deified, but since Cain promoted Marinefordism, there were many new zealous believers in the religion.

Thinking how nostalgic it all was, they proceeded along the highway.

Eating lunch on the way, they proceeded along without incident, until the temple knight at the front brought his horse to a stop.

Having become curious, Claude and the others directed their gazes forwards, where they saw a young boy waving to them energetically.

“It’s Cain…”

Claude muttered to himself. Cain greeted Claude and the others with a smile.


A little while earlier.

Having slipped out of the camp after having finished dinner, Cain looked at the highway to the holy capital from up in the sky.

He flew along above the highway while using Search, and found two carriages stopped in some thickets next to the road.

Wondering if the carriages might have been attacked, Cain drew closer in the air.

“That carriage is…”

It was the carriage of Priest Oliver, who had called out to Cain back at the campsite. They had been at the same campsite on the first day, but Priest Oliver had been nowhere to be seen on the second day.

Cain had thought that might be the case, and it turned out his guess had been correct.

The man who was likely Priest Oliver was surrounded by temple knights, gathered in front of whom were over thirty men in black clothes.

Cain landed, erasing all signs of himself, and quietly crept up to them.

“They should be passing by here tomorrow. Kill the bishop as planned. The cardinal who will become the next pope will also surely be happy. Take heart, men!”

“““““As you wish.”””””

“Nope, not happening.”


Cain spoke from behind the black-robed men. While they had been scattered on their way there, they had all gathered there, a fact he was thankful for, as he could now capture them all at once.

When Cain, who was invisible, called out to them, everyone there was surprised, then their gazes gathered on the source of the voice.

[Bog Down]


Cain cast two spells, and Priest Oliver, the temple knights, and the black-robed men began to sink, the ground under their feet having turned into a bog. Then, their bodies stiffened, and they became unable to move.

“Y-You are…!?”

“We last saw each other only yesterday… Priest Oliver. I heard everything. Even the assassination plot against the Bishop.”

“I-I know nothing. What are you talking about. I have no relation to such a thing at all.”

“Please leave all that for when you’re in prison.”

Cain cast a spell, and they all began collapsing one after the other.

“What the… uh…”

Priest Oliver also collapsed in the same manner.

“Alright, done. Now I just…”

Cain took out a rope from his Item Box and tied them all up. Lastly, he tied them all together, and cast transfer magic.

The place they Transferred to was Genesee’s entrance. Cain would actually have handed them over to the knights of the holy capital if he could have, but since he had not been there yet, he couldn’t Transfer there.

And since he couldn’t take them to Esfort either, he had Transferred to a city within the Holy Country of Marineford.

He had Transferred near the city’s entrance, and went to talk to the guards on duty.

“Umm, excuse me. I’ve captured the attackers who have been in this vicinity lately…”

“What!? Please wait a sec. I’ll go call for assistance.”

One of the two guards ran through the gate into the city.

Not long after, likely having been on standby at the station, around ten armed guards came out. A slightly better-dressed guard, who was likely their captain, called out to Cain from among them.

“So where are the attackers…”

“They’re over there.”

Cain pointed at the over thirty men dressed in black, the number of temple knights, and Oliver, who was wearing priest robes.

Seeing the tied-up and unconscious men,

“N-No way…”

“Actually, yes way. It seems like people from the church were pretending to be bandits attacking people. The pope elections are probably why…”

“For something like that, they… Got it. And you…? There’s no way you could have beaten them all on your own.”

While Cain was indeed wearing adventurers’ clothes, he still only looked like a young boy. Nobody could have imagined that a young boy would be able to capture over thirty bandits and carry them all the way to the city’s entrance.

Cain took out his guild card from his pocket and showed it to the guard.

“I’m Cain, an S-Ranked adventurer in the Kingdom of Esfort’s adventurers’ guild. I am currently visiting this country as Bishop Harnam-sama’s bodyguard.”

“…!? S-Rank… Now I understand. Got it. We’ll take over from here.”

“Oh, on the way, we were attacked once. Those bandits’ corpses are being stored in the Magic Bags of the temple knights with us, and they will hand them over once we reach the holy capital.”

“To think there’d be two attacks… Is Bishop Harnam safe?”

“Yes, there are no problems there. The other bodyguards are also excellent A- or B-Ranks.”

“Such an outstanding escort… As expected of the Kingdom of Esfort, they really are the most powerful nowadays. This is just a rumour, but I heard a city called Drintor is really prospering.”

Cain nodded, slightly breaking out into a cold sweat at the fact that word of Drintor had spread even to foreign countries.

Since it’d be a trouble if he were to start being asked all sorts of questions, Cain made to leave the city as fast as he could.

“Well then, I’m technically still on bodyguard duty, so I’ll be returning. Please take care of the rest.”

“Got it. We’ll make sure they get an impartial judgement.”

Cain bowed to the guard, they turned around on his heel and ran off. His speed was faster than a horse.

The guards gazed dazedly after Cain, who was soon out of sight.

“So that’s an S-Rank… A different dimension. Anyway! Everyone, throw that lot into the brig! With those clothes, they might be assassins. Be careful and make sure to restrain them properly, just in case.”

“““Yes sir!”””

The guards carried the unconscious attackers into the prison one after the other.

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11 thoughts on “Volume 7 Chapter 15: The End of the Dark Division

    1. Normally, new tech only appeared once a year, he has made wall and castle by modern tech, other will supicious if there many new tech appeared in 1 year, except he talk to everyone that he is apostle


  1. err, didnt cain basically
    bust his own cover to not let
    the bad bishop knew his plan
    by handing them.. back..

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!


    1. Information travels slowly in this world. If the Cardinal has informants in the city guard it will take 2 or 3 days for a fast messenger to get to the holy capital. That will be one day after Cain and Bishop Hamman make it there. It will more likely take one or more days for the Church in Genesee to become aware that Priest Oliver is being held there and then realize that the 30 men being held as assassins are a unit controlled by the Church as well.

      Depending on how Cain and Bishop Hamman act, the whole matter could come out and be an open war within the Church… or Cain could reveal himself and just end the trouble before it really begins. This author does like easy solutions with no effort…

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    2. You do realize that in a medieval world settings like these even with magic… Information travels quite slowly no?
      Especially since those that delivers letters have to be either on horseback or walk to the location.
      They are not like Cain who can use teleportation as from our understanding. A normal human can’t use it since it needs a large amount of mana/magic to be used. Which Cain and some of the demonkins can use but not the Magic Users of the human kingdom.
      Plus they do not have something like those magic mirrors or magic orbs to be used for communications. As far as I know.


  2. The Dark Division was destroyed before even having a chance to do something… I almost feel bad for them 😛


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